Chocolate Log Rolls – Quick Indulgence Recipe

It’s been more than a week, me & my toddler have been under the weather, and I’m sick of this feeling now! I had planned so much to do in the last few days but Murphy has marked his presence, bring it on 🙂

My brain & energy are incapable of creating videos or writing articles or designing a course or shooting a music video, that I was supposed to do last week. This cold & cough sucks out the energy out of you. And with a sick toddler alongside, I have slept just one night in the last 7 days. Every night, either my son is uncomfortable whole night or me. Days are zombie like 😉

Finally today I thought of indulging in a sweet dish to uplift my mood. I remembered this quick recipe that a mommy friend of mine (Sonali) had told me. I quickly gathered the ingredients & here is my version of CHOCOLATE LOG ROLLS ready to be savoured!!!

– Crush 2 packets of parleG biscuits. Mix fresh cream, powdered sugar, coffee powder, coco powder as per taste & make a dough
– Mix coconut powder, powdered sugar & fresh cream & make a dough
– Put a butter paper or polythene on a plate
– Spread the brown dough evenly & then on top of it, spread the white dough
– Set in freezer for an hour
– Roll it carefully, discard the butter paper & set in the fridge
– Cut slices when you want to serve. Serve cold.

Cooking is therapeutic for me, though this cannot be termed as cooking per say, but still I’m feeling much better now after making & eating this!

Do try this out, it was a simple but yummy recipe! I would love to hear how you & your family liked it 🙂

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