Caution – What Books Can Do To Your Toddlers – Book Recommendation

Effects of vigorous book reading sessions as per my son’s demands!

My 2 year old son ‘A’, playing with his local train miniature and telling me –
A : mumma jab delhi jaayenge to local train me baithenge (when we go to delhi, we will go in local train)
Me : mumbai has local train like this you have in your hand, delhi has metro train. We will go in metro train when we go to delhi
A : ok…mumma bangalore me kaunsi train hai? (Which train is there in Bangalore?)

PS – He is a big fan, rather an addict of mumbai book, absolutely adores delhi book and we just started reading bangalore book day before yesterday. This book series from Funokplease publishers is a must have for kids!
Geography has a new meaning in our house 😉

Happy reading aloud & happy parenting 🙂

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