Tons of Ways To Play With Waldorf Rainbow Stackers – Rainbow Roofs From Skola Toys – Review (VLOG)

Are you looking for an open-ended toy for your child which will grow with the child, keep him engaged for longer, enhance his creativity, imagination, spatial intelligence, dexterity & fine…

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CForCat Kids Educational Products – Flash Cards, Organic Crayons, Good Habit Busy Book – Review & Discount Code (VLOG)

I love exploring kids products that are fun, engaging & facilitate learning seamlessly. Recently I came across this brand CForCat and I happened to browse their products. In this post…

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Learning Journeys Designed As Play – Skola Toys #PlayItRight

"Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome."This quote holds true for everyone in life, whether they are adults or children. How…

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6 Things To Consider When Choosing Toys – #PlayItRight – What Is Wrong With Today’s Toys!

For children, in the early stages of child development, play is life, and toys form an essential part of early learning. Toy shops are filled with countless options to choose…

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10 Benefits Of Music Instruments (Percussions) In Early Childhood (VLOG)

Do you have music instruments in your child's toy collection? If not, then you should seriously consider adding few instruments today!My 26-month-old son surprised everyone with his self-discovered beat pattern…

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What Makes A Toy A Montessori Material & Skola Toys Recommendation & Review (VLOG)

I am an ardent Montessori follower & by now you must have known that I follow Montessori (combined with other philosophies) with my son at home. We do Montessori inspired…

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All You Wanted To Know About Tangram Puzzle – And How To Introduce It To Toddlers

What is A TangramA traditional Chinese puzzle made of a square divided into seven pieces (one parallelogram, one square and five triangles) that can be arranged to match particular designs.…

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