What Is Open-Ended (Process) Art & How To Encourage It In Toddlers At Home (VLOG)

Source - fredbabbart.comMy son is now 2.2 years and art at our home is mostly about open-ended exploration with various mediums like crayons, pencil colors, water colors, tempera paints, sketch…

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How We Switched To Ceramic Cup For My 22 Months Old Toddler – Montessori In Action

A small but significant step in making our little ones more independent, responsible, confident & self-sufficient ?We started with a ceramic cup for his milk last week. He is 22 months. It…

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20 Months Old Toddler’s Love For Cars & Logos (VLOG)

It's all about connecting with your child, feeding his curiosity, following his cues, providing exposure to various things.Children as natural learners, will absorb & learn themselves :)Watch my 20 months old…

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