Montessori Color Tablets Box 3 – Extensions, DIY & Alternatives (Guest Post By Devi Sekaran)

Montessori Colour Tablets are sensorial materials found in the Montessori 3-6 years classroom. They assist with visual discrimination and perception of colours. They come in three boxes - 1, 2…

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How To Make Eco-friendly Ganesha Using Kitchen Ingredients At Home (With Kids) (Vlog)

For the upcoming festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, I made an ecofriendly and totally compostable Ganpati idol at home using kitchen ingredients along with my 2 year old son. Watch the…

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Virtual Tour Of Montessori House Of Children (Preschool/Classroom) (VLOG)

Tour Of Montessori - Free Video SeriesSee for yourself what an authentic Montessori classroom looks like. We will give you a complete overview & a guided virtual tour of a…

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What Makes A Toy A Montessori Material & Skola Toys Recommendation & Review (VLOG)

I am an ardent Montessori follower & by now you must have known that I follow Montessori (combined with other philosophies) with my son at home. We do Montessori inspired…

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How To Encourage Creativity – Open Ended Art Projects For Kids

Open ended art projects are very essential for the expression of the child! They help sp much in encouraging creativity & imagination in children of all ages! They also serve…

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Montessori Flower Arrangement – Practical Life Activity – 23 Months Old (VLOG)

One of our Valentine's Day activities, that I had been wishing to do for long - Montessori Flower Arrangement. Not strictly as per Montessori but still we loved it :)I…

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