What’s On Our Montessori Inspired Shelf – Hands-On Learning Activities For Toddlers – 26 Months (VLOG)

Sharing some Montessori inspired educational activities that I had set up for my 26 months old son around Easter time. Do checkout my Easter storytelling setup HERE.Hope you found some…

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10 Benefits Of Music Instruments (Percussions) In Early Childhood (VLOG)

Do you have music instruments in your child's toy collection? If not, then you should seriously consider adding few instruments today!My 26-month-old son surprised everyone with his self-discovered beat pattern…

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What Is Open-Ended (Process) Art & How To Encourage It In Toddlers At Home (VLOG)

Source - fredbabbart.comMy son is now 2.2 years and art at our home is mostly about open-ended exploration with various mediums like crayons, pencil colors, water colors, tempera paints, sketch…

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DIY Easter Resurrection Garden & Storytelling For Kids (VLOG)

Easter is here & since I want to raise a multi-cultural child, we not being Christians does not stop me from telling my 26 months old son about Easter, its story…

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