Buy Super Affordable Grimms Inspired 7 Piece Rainbow Stacker – Waldorf Open-ended Toy

Check out this Grimms inspired wooden Rainbow Stacker at super affordable price by My Dream Shop

I recently bought a 7 piece rainbow stacker at super affordable price from My Dream Shop run by Surekha Jadhav. And I must say it’s lovely! I opted for a wood finish instead of a colored one. Check the video for the 1st day play by my 3 year old.

I love this Waldorf inspired open ended toy! And if you do not have it in your child’s toy collection, it is a must have!

Rainbow Stacker is amazing Waldorf-inspired multi used toy for toddlers, kids and even adults! The bold colors of this beautifully hand made wooden rainbow will help to boost child’s imagination, creativity and provide hours of open ended play.

Benefits of Rainbow stacker:

  • Stimulates reasoning skills.
  • Spatial awareness
  • Problem solving skills
  • Enhance creativity.
  • Refine eye-hand co-ordination and motor skills.
  • Boost critical thinking and deep play.
  • Children learn about colors. 
  • Nesting and stacking ability.

Uses of Rainbow Stacker

There is no right or wrong way to use a rainbow stacker hence its a unique open-ended toy for very young as well as older children. The pieces can be use together or individually as bridges, tunnels, seesaws, fences, houses, doll cradles or caves. Sometimes its just used in the background of other open-ended play. It helps to sort things practicing early maths skills. It can be used to order the arcs from smallest to largest. Challenge your child to explore force and motions with your rainbow stacker by creating a marble run or two. These are only few ways we can use rainbow stacker, actually it has boundless possibilities!!!

Colors : Waters based non-toxic colors are used in this Rainbow stacker, so it is totally safe for young ones to play.

You can buy it from the shop section of my blog HERE or directly from My Dream Shop HERE or from Amazon HERE.

I also have a complete blog post on how to play with Rainbow Stackers HERE. In that post, I have featured Rainbow Roofs from Skola Toys. Click HERE to watch.

Have you got your Rainbow Stacker yet?

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