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As most of you know, I have been associated with Babychakra for quite some time now! I have been contributing articles on early learning, parenting & Montessori to this awesome portal for parents that has evolved so fast & beautifully in the last few months.

About Babychakra

BabyChakra is the most trusted platform for parents in India. Whether you are looking to connect with other mothers, experts or childcare services, BabyChakra guarantees happier, healthier mothers and kids. BabyChakra is an award winning venture that revolutionizes how parents discover healthcare and education for their families. They are the one platform that brings all the help and support a new parents needs to have in one place:

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  • The largest base of maternity & childcare services & reviews on them are on BabyChakra.
  • They have the most comprehensive base of articles with DIY tips, recipes and developmental milestones.

Babychakra has its presence in various cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore but Pune (where I am based) is still on their cards to spread its wings. But luckily I got this opportunity to meet Babychakra team with whom I have been working online in this great event that they organized in association with Johnson & Johnson, a brand that has been in the child care arena since ages! When I got a call from Babychakra that they are going to have an event in Pune & I am the first person (a mommy blogger) that came to their mind to invite, it just made my day 🙂 I counted days literally to be a part of the event because I knew if Babychakra is organizing something, it has to be a fun-filled event.

Little did I know that Johnson & Johnson as well, will leave a significant mark on me as a mother & an individual after the event. We did not know the agenda of this event beforehand but we knew it is going to be a moms & kids meet.

About The Event

The event started in the morning at 10 AM with the registrations. I was so excited to meet the Babychakra team in person, including the CEO & Founder Naiyya Saggi. What a lovely lady she is – elegant, soft spoken & down to earth. The hall was gradually full with moms like me, moms of infants, toddlers & some moms of elder kids too. It was such a warm ambiance that all of us moms connected to each other so quickly, many of the moms were totally stranger to me but the motherhood instinct in all of us made us connect beautifully while we had a nice cup of tea/coffee together outside the hall.

The best part of the event was there was a play area set up for toddlers right in the hall itself where our little ones were so busy playing & we moms could actually pay attention to what the event was all about 🙂

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The event began with the introduction of Deepali Agarwal, the marketing manager at Johnson & Johnson. She is a brilliant speaker & kept us all awake & alive with her witty remarks amidst serious discussions. The agenda of the event became clearer as we moved ahead. Deepali helped us understand a lot of myths that exist around baby care products, we saw a couple of videos by experts explaining important gyaan, there were some quizzes too around Johnson & Johnson products and parenting in general.

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Then some real fun part started, we were divided into teams & were given some DIY experiments to do that actually demonstrated us how Johnson & Johnson products fare as compared to other brands.

Wipes experiment – We were asked to squeeze out water through a syringe in a test tube from a baby wipe and compare it with another brand.

Testing pH Levels with Johnson Baby Wash – We saw how the baby wash fared well in hard water as well using litmus papers.

Testing Brand New Launched Baby Detergent – This event also marked a launch of Johnson’s baby detergent & we used couple of sauces & colors to spoil a cloth & then wash it using this new detergent. 
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A post shared by Kuhoo Gupta (@kuhoogupta) on

At the end, surprisingly our team won the contest, which means we were able to complete the experiments ahead in time!!! We got a gift hamper from Neutrogena – a beautiful one, yayyy!

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Then the session was open for Q&A. Deepali was kind enough to take each & every question in a very mature & convincing way. The best part was that her answers had a scientific reason behind & the facts were not at all misguiding! The most crucial questions were around the lawsuit that was filed against Johnson brand about baby powder causing ovarian cancer. Deepali threw light on how & why the brand lost that case but won similar cases three times too. We all got to know how the products of Johnson are still #bestforbaby & how the brand has gotten over the controversy. Many moms, including me, who were skeptical about the brand products are now assured that Johnson is still as pure as it was when we were kids!

After that, there were Facebook Live sessions by we moms, Babychakra & Johnson guys! It was so much fun. You can go ahead & watch all the fun on Johnson Facebook Page HERE.

You can also check out my Instagram, Twitter & Facebook accounts where I posted about the event LIVE 🙂

The event was wrapped up by a wonderful lunch where we enjoyed networking with fellow moms & found ourselves feeding our kids some yummy kids friendly dishes too! The organizers had thought it off so well that they included special items for kids with very less spices.

We also got hampers & goodies from Babychakra & Johnson & Johnson at the end! My toddler was so eager to explore them & the nest day he demanded to use Johnson & Johnson shampoo, soap & oil for his bath 🙂 And honestly I am loving their shampoo! It leaves my son’s hair so soft & silky.

We also got gift voucher from Babychakra to shop from, if you do not know it yet, Babychakra now has an exclusive shop section that has some interesting items to pick. Since currently I am deep into parentingearly learning & Montessori (as you must have inferred by now from my blog), I ordered educational kit from their shop. It will reach me soon & my toddler is already questioning, what is coming in the parcel!!!

All in all, a brilliant day out for moms & kids, where I got to meet so many of my virtual friends in person for the first time, I got to meet the team of Babychakra, my son had a gala time in the play area & most importantly, we all got to know so much more about Johnson & Johnson brand & that it still is as pure & trustable as it was years ago, as they say, it is #bestforbaby !!!

I thank the entire team of Babychakra & Johnson for organizing such a memorable event for we moms & kids 🙂

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