BADMASHIYAN – Which Song Have You Played For Your Valentine Today?

Happy Valentine’s Day Folks 🙂

This is an old song that I am revisiting today, this Valentine’s Day 🙂

I had sung this song way back in 2013 & released online on Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Facebook, this reappeared on my timeline! This was a totally online collaboration between some awesome independent artists, which means the team never met each other & everything happened online. The internet had been a great tool for me to collaborate with musicians around the globe in the last couple of years.

This song is called BADMASHIYAN. It is an attempt to use a Hip Hop outfit for an Indian melody. Hope you like this experiment 🙂

Music – Rishi S Composer
Lyrics – Vishwa Deepak
Vocals – Kuhoo Gupta
Label, Production & Copyrights – Sonore Unison

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