Alphabet Tracing Prewriting Activity For Preschoolers On DIY Chalkboard Wall (VLOG)

Pre-Writing skills are needed before any letter formation or other handwriting skills are mastered. The little muscles of toddlers & preschoolers are first prepared by involving them in lot of fine motor activities before any formal writing work. Tracing is one of the popular prewriting activity & I am sharing one of the many methods of tracing here – tracing on the blackboard using a wet paint brush. Read on & watch the video to know the why & how of this technique. This was completely child-led in my case. 

This is my 33 month old son doing tracing work on the DIY chalkboard wall using a wet paint brush. Listen to the audio in this video below where I talk more about the how & why of this tracing technique. This was in response to his repeated comments – mumma I dont know how to read & write, please teach me! And this is because we read a LOT of books everyday. I never planned to introduce tracing activity to him this early but since this was completely lead by him, I went with the flow.

We have done tons of fine motor & practical life activities in the past 2 years that has prepared his hand muscles for writing.

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You can find the YouTube playlist of our literacy activities HERE & I will keep on adding new videos on teaching reading & writing.

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