All About Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra – Chakra Balancing & Healing – #SoulfulSaturdays Week 8

All About crown sahasrara Chakra - Chakra Balancing & Healing - #SoulfulSaturdays Week 8

#SoulfulSaturdays is an attempt to put out weekly, simple to consume knowledge bits, help people understand the concepts of holistic living, spirituality, healing, meditation & the likes & share my experiences with the world. This is week 8 and let us understand about the seventh & last chakra – Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra) – its characteristics, mantra, healing & balancing techniques and more.

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I hope you have gone through & understood the week 1week 2week 3week 4week 5 , week 6 , week 7 posts of this series.

Today let us understand the seventh chakra – Crown or Sahasrara Chakra.

I am sharing various aspects of the crown chakra, and pointers to find if your crown chakra is imbalanced & couple of modalities you can opt to balance your chakras. I want you to do a simple exercise at the end of this post.

Physical Location – crown of the head

Physical Characteristics – pituitary gland, pineal gland, hypothalamus, brain, nervous system. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland work to regulate the endocrine system.

Non-Physical Characteristics – Consciousness, Awareness of higher consciousness, wisdom, the limitless Realization, Ecstasy, bliss, understanding

What Happens When This Chakra Is Balanced – spiritual ecstasy, Connection with the formless, Communion with higher states of consciousness, liberation from limiting patterns, mystical oneness with everyone and everything in nature, serenity, joy, and deep peace about life

What Happens When This Chakra Is Imbalanced (Blocked or Over Stimulated) – Being disconnected from the spirit, disconnection with the body, spiritually unaware, Obsessive attachment to spiritual matters, Closed-mindedness, Depression and mental fog, Chronic fatigue, Migraines and other chronic headaches, Greed and materialism, Neurological or endocrine disorders, Boredom and frustration, comas, sleep disorders and mental illness, lack of joy, loss of identity, neurological issues

Associated Element (Panch Tatva) – Thought (etheric) – All Senses/Pure Consciousness

Associated Color To Meditate – Visualize the color Violet or white at the location of this chakra & concentrate. You may also chant the beej mantra of this chakra.

Beej Mantra To Meditate – Sounds create vibrations in the body, and these vibrations help the cells work together in synchronistic harmony. The mantra sound that corresponds to the Crown chakra is AUM.

Yoga Poses To Balance This Chakra – Corpse Pose, Lotus Pose, Headstand, Downward Dog, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Kapalbhati
(You can easily google up these poses if you do not know them)

Affirmations To Balance This Chakra –

I am part of the Divine
I honor the Divine within me
I seek to understand and to learn from my life experiences
I cherish my spirit
I seek experiences that nourish my spirit
I listen to the wisdom of universe
I trust my intuition
I am open to letting go of my attachments
I am connected with the wisdom of the universe
I am open to divine wisdom
I am at peace

Crystal To Heal This Chakra – Amethyst

Healing With Nature –  Detoxifying and fasting for a day or two. Fresh fruits & vegetable juices & lots of water. Singing prayers & chants.

Exercise To Do At Your End –

  • Have you personally felt any issues like mentioned above that are related to Crown chakra? 
  • What have you done to overcome them till now? 
  • After reading the pointers on how to balance this chakra, which modality will you pick up to balance your Crown chakra?

If you have any questions about the topic for today, please drop in the comments below & I will try to answer them to the best of my capabilities 🙂

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See you next week!

Love, Light, Peace

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