Adlabs Imagica – A Review Through The Learning Lens!

Adlabs Imagica – badi interesting jagah hai!Their advertisement has always made me giggle with those two birds & two human beings having a serious talk of their lives! Being a hard core fan of adventure & thriller rides, I always wanted to try those inviting roller coaster rides. But having an eighteen months old super energetic toddler with me does not give me the luxury to experience rides like Dare 2 Drop, Deep Space or Nitro! But one fine Thursday night, we decided to visit Imagica on Saturday with our son. I was not sure how much he will be able to enjoy but nevertheless, we headed to our destination. After spending an entire day there with a toddler, I must say, as their website says, “Built For Kids”, it is indeed very true! My husband, son & myself, we had a gala time there. There are enough accounts & reviews of Imagica from an adult’s perspective. This review is focussed on how a child can enjoy & learn at Imagica.

Read my review HERE for more, specially from a parent’s point of view. It has been featured on Indian Moms Connect

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