I’m from India, and I am pretty much a multi-tasker.

I work towards raising the consciousness of the youth, parents & children through energy healing, holistic living & spiritual transformation.

I am a post graduate in Computer Science Engineering from IIT Bombay. After working in the corporate for more than 7 years, I called it quits and founded my own venture THE K JUNCTION where I work towards raising the consciousness of the youth, parents & children through alternative learning, personal growth & spiritual transformation.

My life so far has been a roller coaster journey that took me from winning music competitions (including Zee’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa) to studying at IIT Bombay to a corporate job to collaborating with musicians worldwide to becoming an author, energy healer & an early childhood educator. This mélange of experiences have helped shape the person that I am today, and have informed the choices I have made over the years.

When I decided to leave the corporate world to pursue something of my own, my senior architect said to me, “I am sad that I am losing an engineer like you. But I would not want the world to lose a singer like you and I wish you all the luck in life.”

This also coincided with our decision to start our family. The journey to motherhood was a lot more difficult than we expected. It took us five years to hold our baby in our arms. In these five years, we lost three babies, I got myself operated twice, gained a lot of weight, lost a lot of confidence and self esteem, along with the collateral damage on finances, career opportunities & relationships. The silver lining was that we became more mature in our relationship, renewed our belief in the universe and gained clarity & purpose of life.

During these five years, I sculpted my spiritual self with a lot of support from my family. I discovered spiritual practices like Reiki & energy healing that helped me move from asking “Why Me?” to making my peace with it. After practicing and experiencing major benefits in my own life, I expanded my horizons to get trained in various energy healing modalities like Reiki, Past Life Regression, Crystal Therapy, Breathwork & more so that I could help & heal people around me. I also became a published author by putting out a Hindi poetry compilation in the market titled Zindagi Ke Martbaan Se.

After our son was born, I became a certified Early Childhood Educator (Montessori), I started blogging & founded THE K JUNCTION. It initially started out as a blog where I shared the early learning activities I did with my son, wrote blogs on parenting and early learning. The online community on social media grew exponentially to over 8,000 members & parents started actively engaging with the content I came up with. Now I also conduct online & offline workshops on the topics of parenting, early learning, healing, spirituality & more.

My life and career has moved in directions that I had never imagined, but all my experiences built up to it. I have realized that hooking ourselves to a point or an achievement in the past can limit our potential to grow. My venture and the online “The K Junction” community would not have formed, if I had limited myself to being a software engineer. Acknowledging and recognizing the remarkable ability to adapt and grow in us is the key to a more fulfilling life.

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